The Church Within

The Church Within is not affiliated with any other religious sect, group or cult. We believe in a Universal Creator/Parent of All Reality.

The Articles of Religion and Declaration of Faith

Articles of Religion

        These statements of truth are set forth in an effort to express those principles that are essential to a full and complete realization of the Divine Parenthood of the One Creator of All and the Universal Kinship of every one of God's Children

1.1 God.         There is only one omnipotent, omnipresent, all knowing, all loving Creator of all reality; only one Original Source and Divine Parent of All; the I AM. God transcends our concepts of male and female. As the Source of both, God can be nothing less than the full and complete realization of both.
1.2 Revelation.         The Divine and Eternal Creator of All, is and always has been and always will be revealed in All Truth, Beauty and Goodness and in the lives of each and every one who is wholeheartedly devoted to the doing of the Divine Will.
1.3 Eternal Survival.         Every single child of God who wholeheartedly desires to survive eternally in the Divine embrace of God... Will.

Declaration of Faith and Preamble
        The ministry of "Church Within" is devoted to the universal realization that every individual is infinitely loved and cared for by the Divine Original Parent.

        Our ministry is not to tell people about God and Jesus. There are already enough good and sincere churches established to do just that. Our ministry is to show all mankind what we believe Jesus Christ would personally do for them, by our example of actually doing those things; by doing those things that we believe would be pleasing to God; that would make our Infinite Parent supremely happy and proud of us as aware, devoted, and loving children.

        Our purpose is to do anything and everything which is loving and good, and which will make this world the place that Jesus and God want it to be. We intend to so transform this planet for God's good that "Armageddon" will no longer be necessary. We will no longer tolerate spiritual pain, suffering, and injustice. It is our goal to eliminate them by truly loving each other as God does.

        We hereby pledge to render unto government the things that belong to government, and render unto God the things that are God's. We also pledge to promote peace on earth by the continued desire for understanding and appreciation of the incredible diversity of God's creation, creatures, and children.

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