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Christmas Service of 2003

Offered by

Pastor Daniel Joseph Megow     [visit]

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12-25-2003 Christmas Service of the Church Within
Today's Service is offered by: Pastor Daniel J. Megow

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Welcome by: Pastor Daniel
Greetings my Beloved Sisters and Brothers, and welcome once again to the Church that is Within.


The Sermon
I have Always Loved Christmas. My very first Christmas, I was only 13 days old and truth be known, I don't remember it consciously.

But the next one… the Next Christmas, Well now THAT for me was a Christmas to Remember!!! I was about a year (and thirteen days) old, and had been walking for about 5 months or so… so coming downstairs from on Christmas morning and seeing the Tree and all the presents was Pretty exciting. But then something caught my inquisitive little eyes… something that was Special! It drew my little mind like a Magnet. There were little sheep and cows, and Even Camels! There were little People Too, and little trees and ponds and… over there was the small Stable! …and Inside were Mary and Joseph (my mom told me who they were) …AND Right Between them in a little hay and stick and cotton bed was a little Baby… just like mom Said there would be. It was the baby Jesus!!! He's There! I was entranced! I could have kneeled there and watched it forever. That was when I First fell in Love with Jesus. I don't remember anything else about that Christmas, just about the Nativity Scene that my mom has put up every year before and since… with the beautiful little wax Jesus that now is probably well over 60 years old.

From Then on, that was Always the most Important part of Mom's Christmas for me… Mom's Nativity Scene and waiting for Christmas morning when Jesus was placed in his waiting bed. Then we would sing Silent Night as a family… and then Presents.

I always wondered what you could give a guy like Jesus for his Birthday (even if it's only the actual day that most people celebrate it). My mom always said, “Give Him your Love!” That worked for me. I really Did Love Him and Christmas just helped me to remember it more often!

One year… not too long ago… I thought that there should be some Other way I could give a gift to Jesus in celebration of His Birthday. What would make Him Happier than Anything Else that I could Think of besides Loving Him? AH-HAA!! I could love His Children!!! Not just Some of them… but All of them!!! The Un-loved… the Un-fortunate… the Disheartened… as Well as those that I already found to be Lovable. Love All of His Children! …can't give Him a much better birthday Present than That, can you? Can you?

The Great Gift for the One who really Does have Everything…

Love One Another without conditions because we All are His Children.

Merry Christmas!

The Prayer
Dear Jesus,
        May we all learn to Love one another as You have Loved Us.

You ALL are Within the Infinitely Loving Embrace of our Universal

The Creator's Infinite Love to all of You,
Pastor Daniel

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