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Christmas Service of 1996

Offered by

Pastor Daniel Joseph Megow     [visit]

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Christmas Service from "Church Within" 12-25-96

On this day that most of the world unites to celebrate the birth of our Master Jesus, let us remember the real importance of the life that He lived on this planet. Jesus experienced human life as lived by each and every one of us. This Divine Son of God came into this world as a helpless infant, totally dependent on the love and nurturing of his human parents. When he was hungry, they fed him. When he was dirty, they cleaned him.

When he was tired, he was laid to sleep. Every necessity of human life had to be provided for him as is the case with all human babies. His family was not rich in material pleasures. His first bed was a manger, a trough where animals were fed. His first meal was at his mother's breast. A blanket was his first clothing. The Prince of Peace was born, not into a wealthy royal family, but into a poor one. From this humble beginning, The Son of God and The Son of Man began his life as one of us.

He experienced joy and sorrow as do we. He had to learn to survive in the human world, the same as any other child, and yet, he grew to be the greatest man who ever walked the face of this strife torn planet. Certainly he was the Son of God, yet are not each one of us also God's children? He knew that God was his Father... should we not also? He loved unconditionally and served unselfishly. This is what He would have us learn from his life among us. He once said: "Love one another as I have loved you." and "He who would be greatest among you, let him be server of all." Should this not be the purpose of our lives, our supreme privilege?

On this day that the world celebrates the birth of the Christ Child , let us give to him a gift. The greatest gift we could possibly give to the one who has everything. Let us Love each other Unconditionally and Serve each other Unselfishly as He asked us to.

Oh Great and Loving Father,

Lead us onto the path of Divine Compassion which was walked by Your Son, our beloved Master who's birth we celebrate today. Show us the way to our own Soul and to the Souls of our brethren. Guide us to the recognition of your Light in the eyes of one another and help us to remember that what we do for them, we do also for You. Let us give Love where we observe hatred, Joy where we see sorrow, Friendship where we find loneliness and Help where we observe need.
May we ever grow in our understanding of the responsibility and privilege of being Your child.

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