Church Within
Christmas Service of 1997

Offered by

Pastor Daniel Joseph Megow     [visit]

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Christmas Service from "Church Within" 12-25-97

Greetings my Dearest Siblings, and welcome to Church Within Christmas Service for 1997. You are all so very precious to us and we are so grateful to our Eternal Parent for each and every one of you.

We wish you a very Blessed and Happy Christmas.

The Sermon
        Long, long ago, in a land far away, was born to your world a child of promise. Although his coming had been foretold to you for many a century, so very few of your kind were present to witness this magnificent and singular occurrence. But we were there... watching and waiting in splendid expectancy. We had been anxiously anticipating this moment for millennium. You see, this was the hour that our beloved parent and master was to begin the living of a mortal life as one of his lowliest of children... as a human being. We were somewhat fearful of the hazards attendant upon such a course of action, but he so dearly wanted to personally experience your kind of life that we were unwilling to try and dissuade him from his purpose. Much pain and sorrow and confusion had befallen your planet in it's short history, and he was sure that if only he could personally reveal to you the true nature of the Divine Source of us all, that one day you would overcome the unfortunate results of your
isolated existence.

        The parents he picked seemed rather ordinary for their time, his father an earnest and hardworking carpenter, and his mother a loving and dedicated young maiden and homemaker. They were poor in the things of your world, but they hardly noticed it for they were so very much in love with each other. It happened that the two needed to leave their modest home to attend to a civic responsibility, and even though the hour of birth drew near, the young couple journeyed far to be present for it. Upon arrival to their destination, they were somewhat dismayed to find that there was not a room for them to stay since multitudes of others were also present for the event. But because the young lady was heavy with child, they were offered a choice to room with the animals, which under the circumstances they were quite happy to accept. Before long it became apparent that their nine months of awaiting the birth their child was at an end. Just as all mortal children before and since have been born into your world, our revered Master entered the stage of human existence as a totally dependent and helpless babe of the realm. As he was lovingly laid in the simplest bed of straw, all of us who were watching from on high rejoiced in adoration and awe. Never before had we witnessed such an event of this magnitude and importance. A celestial cheer reverberated throughout creation in that moment... little did we know at the time, of the brutal and torturous death that would befall this magnificent little miracle of life.

        There was no human fanfare associated with this glorious episode. Only his mother, her cousin and his dad had any inkling of his true nature at the moment of his birth. At his previous direction, we had told no others beforehand so that his opportunity for a normal childhood could unfold unhampered. Only to three wise and noble men from the east was I allowed to reveal the circumstances of the birth of this apparently normal child of destiny, and they journeyed far to honor his coming with gifts.

        So very little has been humanly recorded over the ages about the superb and exquisite life that followed this momentous entrance of our dearly beloved Sovereign into your world. If only you could have personally witnessed the unconditional love and benign service which characterized his life in the flesh, your world would be such a wonderfully different place than it is now at this point in time. And yet... Still, we have much hope for you. For this brief time in each year, the majority you enter truly into the spirit of love and compassion and giving that characterized his entire life. How exquisitely marvelous would your world become if you would carry the spirit of this season into and throughout the rest of your year. You have the latent ability to do it you know... it is not beyond your

If only you would...

The Prayer
Dearest Father [please fill in your own favorite name for the Universal Source],
        Thank You for the gift of Your Child, our Master and brother. His life was such an incredible example of Supreme and loving devotion to the doing of Your Divine Will. Help us to follow in his footsteps of Love and Compassionate Service to all of our fellow beings. Give us the Courage to maintain the spirit of this season tomorrow and the next day and for the rest of our lives. Let us each be a unique revelation of Your Eternal Love to one another, and help us also to accept it in return. So very many of us feel unworthy of this precious gift that You so freely give to us. Show us the error of
this way of thinking.

You ALL are Within the Infinitely Loving Embrace of our Universal Parent,

The Creator's Infinite Love, through me, to all of You,
Pastor Daniel