The First Church Within Sunday Service

Our First Service

Sunday Service from "Church Within" 9-29-96

        Dearest Father Within us, we petition you for the strength and desire to be about Your Divine will today. As your devoted children, we sincerely seek to know you truly, as you are, and to share that loving knowingness with all of our sisters and brothers who have yet to recognize you within their own souls, and within the souls of all others.

        You have planted within us a precious seed... the seed of your Divine Self... the seed of our own divine selves. It is this part of yourself which forever loves us... which ever guides us on the path of our own growth... which transforms us into the fruit bearing tree of your perfect Love.

        Show us, dearest Parent, the best way in which we can prepare the soil of our souls for the proper nurturing of this seed of your Divine Being. Show us the rocks that we must remove to leave room for the perfect growth of it's roots. Teach us when it is the best time to water and fertilize for the optimum growth of it's luxuriant foliage. Guide us in the safe removal of the energy stealing weeds of fear, intolerance and insincerity. Help us to recognize and to prune those branches of our immaturity which stifle our ability to bear the sweetness of your life giving fruit.

And when, dear Father, Your fruit of Divine Love is ripe and abundant upon our branches, send forth your children to enjoy the nurturing sweetness of the fruits which together we have grown for Your glory.

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