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New Years Service for 2001

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Pastor Daniel Joseph Megow     [visit]

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"Assurance" by:Daniel

12-31-2000 New Year's/Sunday Service of the Church Within #223
Today's Service is offered by: Pastor Daniel J. Megow
Welcome by: Pastor Daniel
Greetings my Beloved Sisters and Brothers, and welcome once again to the Church that is Within.

Today is the last Church Within Service of the 2nd Millennium. The 3rd Millennium A.D. starts Tomorrow.

(From: The Urantia Papers – Paper-196 Section-3)
        Some men's lives are too great and noble to descend to the low level of being merely successful. The animal must adapt itself to the environment, but the religious man transcends his environment and in this way escapes the limitations of the present material world through this insight of divine love. This concept of love generates in the soul of man that superanimal effort to find truth, beauty, and goodness; and when he does find them, he is glorified in their embrace; he is consumed with the desire to live them, to do righteousness.

The Sermon
        Today is the Last day of the calendar year 2000... the Last day of the 20th Century... the Last day of the 2nd Millennium A.D.

        Sure... we celebrated "The New Millennium" Last year... even though Many knew that "The New Millennium" didn't Actually begin 'till 2001. But what the Heck... the Majority Wanted to. I wanted to, didn't You? The Three "E's" were High---Energy; Excitement; Expectations. The Year 2000 seemed like such a Long Awaited Milestone! It was a Grand Celebration! Even the fear of Y2K, and the Relief of surviving it pretty much entirely unscathed, added to the Thrill.
        Somehow the Human race had managed to survive... to not Destroy itself... even though it had very recently (within the last half century), learned that it Could, and How to Do so. There were too many times during the last 40 or so years where our Survival as a World was in Grave Doubt. At least it Seemed as such, didn't it? Worldwide Nuclear Destruction felt almost Imminent at times, but against the odds The Human Race managed to muster just enough Wisdom, just enough Maturity, Just enough Soul, to avoid it. At least... So far.

        The Last Thousand Years was rather Significant in the history of Humankind... wouldn't you Say? We discovered that the World was Round and that we are Not the Center of the Universe. We discovered Gravity and Evolution, we even discovered Air in the last thousand years. The Advances in Science, Medicine, and Technology in the last millennium (in comparison to the previous Million+ years of human history), have been Astounding. And the discoveries of just the 20th Century alone are nothing short of Miraculous!

        Tomorrow is not just the Beginning of a New Year. It is the Beginning of the 21st century, and the Beginning of the 3rd Millennium.

        What will it bring us? New Advances in Science, Medicine, and Technology? Undoubtedly. But will it bring us what we need the Most?

When will we as a People learn Peace?
When will we as a People learn Brotherhood?
When will we as a People learn the Value of Honesty and the Crucial Skill of Self Control?
When will we as a People learn Maturity?

        2000 years ago a Very Special Person showed us "the Way" to these things. The Way of Compassion... the Way of Love... the Way of seeking God's Will, First and Foremost. We haven't really progressed all that far along THAT Way, Have we?

Many Still make War...
Many Still fear to see one another as Brothers and Sisters...
Many Still lie whenever it's convenient and try to Control Others rather than Themselves, and...
Most Still act more like Spoiled Teenagers than like Mature Adults.

Why Is that d'ya think? Is there no Answer? Is there no Solution?

Of Course there is! Ya just have to Know where to look.

The "Answer" and the Solution Dwells Within Each and Every One of us.

Look Within and let Love be your Guide.

I wish you All a Love filled New Year and a God filled Life.

We CAN make a Difference, if Only we Will...

The Prayer
Dear God,
        Teach us Your Compassion, Show us the Way to better Manifest Your Love, and Help us to access Your Infinite Wisdom. Only Then can we attain a relative degree of Maturity.

You ALL are Within the Infinitely Loving Embrace of our Universal

The Creator's Infinite Love to all of You,
Pastor Daniel

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