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New Years Service for 1997

Offered by

Pastor Daniel Joseph Megow     [visit]

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"Assurance" by:Daniel

"Prayer for '97"

The New Years day Service of 1-1-97

Dear Most Loving and Understanding Father,

So very much have You shown and taught us on the individual paths of our lives... and so very much have we failed to see and grasp. You are ever so patient with us, Your struggling but sincere Children. Help us also to be patient with ourselves... Not that we may procrastinate in those things which You would have us learn, but that we may stop chastising ourselves for our youthful ignorance. Oftentimes we just want to sit and cry for that which we have not yet attained the maturity to understand of Your ways. But You are always there to lay Your hand upon our shoulder in Loving parental comfort, even when the humanness of our Egos does despairingly push it away. And when we refuse to accept Your benevolent guidance, do You offer us countless other opportunities to learn and grow from the same lesson until we finally grasp the importance of it's value in our lives.

In this New Year, as reckoned by Your children on this planet, help us each to recognize, accept, and share the bountiful gifts that You continually lavish upon us. Help us to realize that "material success" refers, not to material wealth or position or power, but to our ability to enhance the growth of our Souls through attunement to Your Leadings... through Unconditionally Loving Others and Ourselves... through serving YOU in the Unselfish Service of our Brethren... and MOST importantly, through moment by moment becoming more and more like You in all ways. This is the "material success" demonstrated by Your Son, The Son of Man, our Master and Brother Jesus. Never in his earth career did he have material riches, or a lavish home in which to live, or even the minimum of material possessions... but he was indeed the most materially successful being to ever walk this planet.

Help us Father, to re-evaluate our own interpretations of material success... help us to understand that success lies only in the accumulation of that which we will take with us beyond this world, the growth and enhancement of our Souls... and the discovery of Your Will.

Father's Love... through me... to all of you,

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