Church Within Sunday Services

for November 1996

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11-3-96 - Sunday Service from "Church Within" #6

     Why is it that we fight so diligently to hold on to those things which our Father Within so patiently preserves for us in the repository of our Soul? Do we not believe that God truly is there for us? We know in our hearts, in our Souls, that our Divine Parent is lovingly waiting to guide us along the way home. Why do we not trust wholly that this is so?

Do we sincerely believe that we are too evil, too iniquitous for our Divine Inner Parent to still love us? No. We know we are not that. God Loves... Unconditionally. Deep inside we know... we truly want what is Good. In our Soul... we truly DO know our own sincere motivations... as does the Inner Guide who so lovingly, patiently helps us to grow in experience, and mature in our understanding. It is held there in waiting for us when we choose to ask for it.

We consented to the suggestions of our Guide, with every act of Love, every demonstration of Compassion, every act of Goodness in our personal experience. We HAD to Choose them... nobody chose them FOR us... Our Inner Partner merely Suggested them. We, of our own free will, had to allow their expression. Each of those experiences is within our Soul... guided by our Inner Parent... and chosen by us. It is our True Surviving Self... who we are.

Dearest Creator and True Source of our Soul,
Guide us in the recognition of our True Selves... that which survives this human/animal existence... that which is True, Beautiful and Good, that which is even now a part of us should we choose to see and embrace it as who we truly are.

Only from our Soul, have we the ability to be an expression of Your loving Will. Father, keep us there with You. Help us to actively cooperate with You in its' creation... as You would have us be. For in our Soul, we know that You are the Wellspring of all Joy, Love, and Goodness... Your Will could be nothing less than that which we truly, in our Soul, desire... for You create in us those desires for Love, Goodness and Truth.

Let us humbly share with all, the gift of our Soul that God created with us. Let us freely give, to the presence of God within one another, the unique gift of the Goodness and Love that our Divine Inner Partner has given to us. It is truly... other than Worship... the only gift we can give to our Universal Parent... the gift of our love to each other.

        Make time each day for still, silent, communion with God. We cannot hear... if we do not take the time to listen.

Love Unconditionally,
& Unselfishly Serve Your Brethren...
The Beginning of the World is Coming!
Are you preparing?

In Love of your Soul and the God within You...


11-10-96 Sunday Service from "Church Within" #7

     There is excitement in each new discovery of our Divine Parent, most especially so, when we make the discovery within the eyes and actions of a fellow human being. It is energizing when we meet brothers and sisters who so naturally beam with the Light of God. A glance and a smile can illuminate your entire day. Their mere presence exudes a feeling of peace and love and acceptance. It just feels good to be around them. You've met them, and perhaps even know some of them. The Divine Spark of the Creator within you, recognizes the Love of God within them... and it is exhilarating to be in the presence of a unique expression of God's Love. You can be with them anywhere you go, anywhere you are, at all times, if only you choose to BE one of them. Your own true expression of our Father's Love, given freely, with no expectation of return, can surely transform anothers' day, if not their life.
It's all about Love... Giving... and in turn, unselfishly receiving, recognizing it as a gift from God, for that... it truly is. The Divine Source is indeed... just that. Of all Love, is The Father unquestionably... the Source. Love is never something that we can possess, for it's possession is but a shadow of its' reality. Only by flowing with it and allowing it to flow through us to others, do we become a part of the mighty river of God's Love.

Father Almighty, All Merciful, All Loving,

Grant us the ability to perceive Your Light within all others. Let Your Love flow freely through us... to all... for is that not Your Will? Transform my will into Yours dearest Parent, that I may truly be an expression of You to my brethren. In this way only, will I experience the fullness of Your Peace... the surety of Your Love... the recognition of my own part in Your Divine Plan.
We Love you dearest Parent, and would be like You in every way.

Let us Love and Serve one another, for in so doing do we Love and Serve our Creator.


11-17-96 - Sunday Service from "Church Within" #8

Precious Father,

Thank You for the gift of Your presence within me. Through all of my decisions, You have been there... suggesting the best. Sometimes I chose to follow Your suggestions, and it felt Good... it felt right. And sometimes I did not... It was such an empty feeling Father.. as if it had no reality. I ask to live by Your suggestions... always... Give me Your Strength to withstand the human impulses towards that which serves me not in Your Will. I choose to feel Good and Right.

In all of my experiences of giving and receiving Love, You have been there. When I have allowed Your Love to flow through me... You have always returned more. Those times that I tried to possess it... it inevitably sifted away. I ask You to take charge of the Love in my life Father within... for when I have allowed it... Your Love has truly become a part of my being, a part of my soul. Remind me constantly to let You give it through me. I choose the constant circular flow of giving and receiving Your Love.

In all ways may I be an expression of Your Loving Will dearest Source of All... Make me an instrument in Your Symphony.

We contribute to our Souls growth, in those times when we choose through Love... The Father's way. When we reach the point where our soul choices have begun to equal our ego choices... a battle begins. A battle for control. The human ego uses fear as it's weapon. The soul... uses Father's Love. During this battle, the ego will bring up each instance where we fell short, and where we had no control. The soul can then, with Father's Love, accept forgiveness for ego's immaturity... to remind ego that seldom, if ever, were it's true "intentions" ever really evil. Soul must Lovingly convince ego of it's value in the mutual creation of Good, by the acceptance of God's direction.

Our ego must make the choice... to identify with only our human self, or with our surviving self... our Soul... the reality of our cooperation with God. Do we truly prefer fear, or Love... immaturity, or maturity... hollowness of feeling, or inner peace?

I choose Your way Father.

Father's Love... through me... to all of you,


11-24-96 - Sunday Service from "Church Within" #9

Blame not others, for our own youthful misunderstandings... nor even ourselves.

Blame is a Poisonous form of judgment... that our world, if we wish to heal it... can do without. We must eliminate it from our lives if we would mature in the light of God. It does us No Good... it is valueless. It is one of Ego's most powerful weapons in it's fight to keep the control of our personality, from our developing Souls. Ego does not yet realize that our Soul is indeed a powerful force for spreading of the Father's Light. And it does not yet realize it's own incredible importance in Soul's formation... that ego has had to choose the Leadings of Father Within, all along, in order for Soul to have become so strong. Ego still sees itself as separate, because it "blames" itself for it's own incompletion... it's own inexperience. Ego feels as if it should already know everything... certainly... did it not teach us how to survive in this world? Yes... yes. That is it's function! Ego is of this world... we could not survive here without it. Ahhh... but SOUL, is of the next... our Father's Kingdom... the brotherhood of All. And Soul... with God... can be the operator of Personality even here upon this backward planet that we happen to live. This frightens Ego... it shouldn't. It is a peaceful and loving place to be!

Ego is the egg. The infusion of God fertilizes that egg. Our Soul is what grows from the union of our ego with God. Ego becomes, at some point, only the protective shell that has allowed the embryo of Soul to grow and develop. The shell is hard and resistant. It is difficult to break through. But if we wish to be living in Father's Kingdom... Father's Home... we must some day crack out of and leave our shells. Then will Ego realize that it is part of the creation of this new life... this child of God.

Breaking out of our shell is a struggle. One of the most difficult struggles we will ever encounter. The "shell" is made up of very hard and tough ingredients... such as Blame, Judgment, Distrust, Fear, Intolerance, Insecurity, Hatred, Selfishness... Immaturity. They are instrumental in our survival from child to adult on this world... they help us to recognize potential danger to our physical survival, and to avoid it if possible and to deal with it if necessary. But once we become "physical" adults within that "shell" we must become "re-born" by escaping from the limitations of that shell. And once we make that first little hole... and the beauty of God's Light begins to shine through... we must cease to Fear the Light... and consciously chip away at the shell of Ego. That which once gave us our feeling of safety and security, has now become a barrier from the freedom of life and movement in Fathers House.

Most Precious Father of All... who even lives within each of us,

Give us the strength and endurance to break free of the bondage of our earthly shell. Help us to crack and discard those feelings of blame and judgment and fear that keep us imprisoned in the darkness of aloneness. Make us recognize the Value of Unconditional Love, Unselfish service, Prayer, Worship and Stillness with You, as the tools with which we may more easily escape the confines of our once protective shell.

We truly wish to be about Your business dearest Parent... Help us to free ourselves so that we may lovingly do so. Let us be an emanation of your Love to our brethren in their own unique emergence into the Light of Your Presence. And let us forever cast aside those things that are not of You.

Give us the sight, dear God, that we may see you within each of our fellows... thereby enhancing our own individual understanding of You... and let All who see, work together for the promotion of Your Truth, Beauty, and Goodness, so that our world may become that which You would have it be.

Father's Love... through me... to all of you,


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