Church Within Sunday Services

for October 1996

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10-6-96 - Sunday Service from "Church Within" #2

Father of Light, Source of all Goodness and Beauty, illuminate within us the Love that is yours alone to bestow. In all of our struggles, in all of our pain, in all of our childlike immaturity, allow us not to shun the warmth of your Parental affection. When we slip and bruise our mortal egos, You are there to help us up and comfort us in Your loving arms. When we hide behind our fears and insecurities, You are still there when we uncover the eyes of our emerging soul. When we turn away and see You not, You are always there when once again we turn back towards You.

Dearest Parent Within us, You understand so well our needs, and provide for them as we allow. You recognize our wants, and allow them as we need. You let us explore the paths of suffering which we choose, and yet You are there to protect us from any real danger to ourselves.

Many gifts have You placed before us, merely awaiting our efforts to find them. Oh, the joy You must feel when once we discover their true value. And when we use them to enhance the truth , beauty and goodness of Your Divine Love for ourselves and others, what satisfaction it must provide for You that we are growing in Your Light.

This day, dear Giver of Life, guide us to uncover yet one more of Your Divine presents and share its' Supreme value with all of our brethren for the glorification of Your Will.


10-13-96 - Sunday Service from "Church Within" #3

Dearest Upholder and Source of all that is Loving and Good in our experience, show us the way to be perfect in our expression of Your Divine Beauty. We know that it is Your Will for us to be perfect even as are You, and that is truly our innermost desire. We can hardly expect on this planet of immaturity and incompletion, to be perfect in the truth and knowledge which is yours alone to reveal in the unfolding of eternity, but with Your understanding parental help, we have faith that we can become perfect in our own revelation of Your Divine Compassion and Mercy toward one another. Help us, oh Greatest of all, to recognize each and every opportunity which You provide for us to BE the compassionate and loving child which You know us to be.

When we see one of your children suffering, help us remember to be the extension of Your Loving arms to comfort them. When we see one of your children in need, remind us that we are Your means for fulfilling that need. When we see one of Your children in pain, create within us that parental desire to share their anguish and soothe that which is unbearable for them alone. When we see one of Your children who does not yet know You, allow us to be the example which will convince them of Your Loving Reality. And, most gracious Parent and Partner of our Soul, when we see one of Your children in the joy and exuberance of living Your Will, polish Your mirror within us that we may allow then to see Your reflection in their hearts and in their lives, thus perpetuating Your Light for All to see and enjoy.

Create in us, Dear Father, that unquenchable thirst to be in the service of revealing Your Goodness and Love to All who are capable of it's reception.

Thank You for being You!

In the Loving Joy of Service,
Your Child


10-20-96 - Sunday Service from "Church Within" #4

Dearest Parent of All, Partner of my Soul, Pattern of Compassion and Mercy and Divine Light, thank You for those times when I can truly recognize Your presence and ministry within my own heart, pouring forth in spite of my fears; In spite of my anger; In spite of my pain; In spite of my humanity. Thank You Most Loving One for those little reminders that I truly AM Your loved child, even in my ignorance, even in my immaturity, even in my incompleteness. I crave more of those times when my evolving self
allows Your expression through me, when we are as one. I want this ALL of the time, Dear Father, not merely once in a while. I want it when I work, I want it when I play, I want it when I am with your other children, I want it when I feel all alone, I want it when I express myself, I need it to express YOU.

I know that it is Your Will that I be wholly like You Dear God. Your Will be done. And, I know that I must grow in my understanding of Your true nature. Your Will be done. And, I know that I must search for, and experience, and share the reality of Your Unconditional Love and Compassion. Your Will be done.

I would claim my birthright, Father, to BE that which You want me to be, Perfect in Purpose, Perfect in Love, Perfect in Compassion. Show me the way, dear God, and Guide me in it's attainment.

Your Will be done.


10-27-96 - Sunday Service from "Church Within" #5

What means, Unconditional Love? What means, Father-like Compassion? These are certainly the things which we most ardently desire to receive from each other, yet find it so difficult to allow. These are the things we would freely give to one another, yet we are stifled by fear of the pain of rejection.

How, Father, can we grow in our abilities to express and accept them in a world so crippled by fear and ignorance?

Dearest Loving Parent Within us,

        Help us to learn Your way that we once knew. Replay for us the childhood dreams, so full of faith in their reality. Review for us the loving and compassionate experiences which make up the being of our Soul. Show us Father, how we may access the memories of our Soul, that we may begin those lessons of our spiritual evolution.

It is YOU that we truly would share, for in You lies All Love, All Mercy, All Compassion, All Understanding. It is YOU we must allow to express, through our uniqueness. It is to YOU Within us, that we must freely give control of our beings, knowing that you will give us only what is valuable for our own Growth. Help us to let it be so, dear Father, help us to let it be so.

In Loving and Compassionate Sincerity,
Your Loving Children


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