"Teenagers Today"
(By Kimberly Kirberger)

9-12-01 SOW Seeds Service of the Church Within - Story #153

Greetings my Dearest Sisters and Brothers, and welcome again to Church Within's Story of the Week ["SOW Seeds].

This week's SOW Seeds Story, contributed by: Rev. Angus Bowen

Story of the Week
“Teenagers Today”
(By Kimberly Kirberger)

        I can't count how many times people have uttered, while shaking their heads in obvious disappointment, "I just don't know what is with teenagers today."

        The other day I was in my car on my way to the farmers market with my friend Jan when we passed two teens standing by the side of the road with a car wash sign. My car was filthy and my heart was full, so I pulled over. There were teenagers everywhere. There was a group directing the cars and another group spraying them down. As sponges were wiped over every square inch of my dirty car, I sat enjoying the little water battles and the many silent scenarios that were so obviously taking place. I couldn't help but wonder how many crushes, how many new friendships and how many little insecurities were in the air on this beautiful Saturday afternoon. I was amazed at how forty to fifty teenagers had devoted their Saturday to washing cars, and I was curious what their motivation might be.

        At the end of the assembly line I handed them a twenty-dollar bill and asked what they were raising money for. They explained to me that a friend of theirs, C. T. Schmitz, had recently died of cancer. He was only fifteen years old and six-feet-two. He had gone to school with a lot of the teenagers who were there that day and each of them had memories of a boy sweeter than any they had known. His friend Kevin had decided to put this car wash together because he wanted to honor his friend and also bring together his classmates with his boy scout troop. He told me that they wanted to plant a tree in front of their school and if they raised enough money they would put a plaque there also. Both would be in memory of their friend C. T.

        They handed me a bag of homemade cookies with my receipt and we drove away. I asked Jan to read to me what the tag that was tied to the bag said. It said simply, "Thanks for helping us plant a tree for C. T."

        Yeah! I don't know what is with teenagers today!

The Prayer
        On this day after the Terrible day of Great Sadness and Tragedy for our brothers and sisters whose lives were stolen from them by hatred and fanaticism and terrorism, let us pray. Let us Pray for them, and for their families, for the United States of America, for ourselves, for our children, and for All the people of this World. All are going to need it in the days and weeks and months to come.
        Where there is hatred, God's Will is being thwarted. Let us pray for our Father's Divine Justice and for the eventual institution of Love and Tolerance that will one day obliterate this type of evil action from the face of our world forever.
        Father, Your Will be Done.

You ALL are Within the Infinitely Loving Embrace of our Universal Parent,

The Creator's Eternal Love to all of You,
Pastor Daniel

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