"Salutation of the Dawn"
(by: Kalidasa - a celebrated poet of India. - from his opus "Sakuntala".)

2-3-99 Story of the Week from Church Within #17

Greetings my Dearest Sisters and Brothers, and welcome again to Church Within Story of the Week [S.O.W.]

This week's SOW - #17, contributed by: Kavita Pai of Bombay, India.

Thank you Dear Friend. This is Quite Beautiful!

Story of the Week

"Salutation of the Dawn"
(by: Kalidasa)

"I listen to the salutation of the dawn. Look to this day.
For it is life, the very life of life.
In its brief span lie all the verities, all the realities of our existence.

The glory of action, the bliss of growth, the splendor of beauty. For
yesterday is but a dream, tomorrow only a vision. But today well
lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness, every tomorrow a
vision of hope. So I look well, therefore, unto this day and to the

And as I look I will see many things.
First is the revelation that I may choose an emotion,
pick a frame of mind at will.
And so I choose every emotion carefully,
and then it serves me well.
I rejoice and delight in this day now.
For every day is here and now, in spirit and in flesh.
Upon the mountain top or earthbound, it is my day.
No worry of tomorrow, or regrets of yesterday,
but only now, beautiful and alive.
I am no longer bound. I can be anything that I desire.
No habit forces me to be less than I am.
Also, I will each day learn something new.
I'll probe the very meaning of existence in each thing,
till I discover the transcendent joy of all creation.
What I perceive needs to be done, I'll do.
All that I must do, I will desire to do.

I'll neither haste the day, nor waste the day,
but fill it to the brim of overflowing.
No other's judgement will be my responsibility.
Force will I meet with gentleness,
impatience with great patience.
The courtesy within my heart I'll share with all.
I assume full responsibility for me,
not squandering time with blame,
but keeping my whole body charged with energy,
and using the power of the universe behind each thought.
And most important, I will listen, quietly,
without thought, listening beyond to hear the questions,
the answers, the music, the silent sound.
I have an antidote for negativity, I laugh.
Nothing in the whole world destroys my laughter,
and it keeps me healthy while it keeps me young.
Everything I have learned to love, I one by one let go.
If, in my folly, I attempt to keep a thing, or take it with me,
I have then removed all trace of me. So I share everything.
And most of all myself. This is my legacy.
This is the only proof that I was ever here.
It is my immortality.
Finally, every day I reaffirm my love.
For love is the true blood of life.
The only reason for existence.
And so I practice giving and receiving love.
For my love is only as deep as that I have,
for those I love the least.

Whatever I may learn to love, I must learn to let go.
Nothing material will last forever.
With the exception of a few baubles I call belongings
I have nothing. And these were only lent to me.
I will eventually return them.
They are only mine for the duration of my time on earth,
then someone else is heir to them.
I have no choice. I have to let them go.
So I will not upset myself about having to let them go a little
I'll soon find other lovely things to take their place
if I release them with an open hand.
But if I hoard them, hold them to me, clench my fists
I won't be open to receive anything.
The most precious things will pass me by because I am not open.
I am closed, jealously guarding things I have, totally
unavailable to all that I have not, and all, alas, that I may never know.

Whoever I may learn to love, I must learn to let go.
For to love someone is to allow them to be free.
I'll not be taken in by the illusion that to love I must have
love returned. This would be barter -- never love.
I cannot buy love. Love is free.
If it is paid for it is not love.
Love's like a gift, it's free. I cannot buy a gift.
It there is a single string attached it's not a gift.
It also isn't love.
However, love is not a gift; for I can give a gift,
thereby no longer having it. Not so with love.
I can share all the love I have and still have more.
"My bounty is as boundless as the sea, my love as deep.
The more I give to thee the more I have, for both are limitless." I
can uncover love by merely showing love; however strange it feels,
however vulnerable I become. It's better to be touched, however
deeply, than to be out of touch.

Whoever I may learn to love, I must learn to let go.
I cannot buy love from a child. All I can do is love them,
and when they become of age I let them go.
I let them do all sorts of things they need to do
remembering, they have a right to happiness their way,
not what I want for them.
And as I love them I will see the flower of my love blossom
in their independence.
As they walk alone I love them more.

I cannot buy at all God's love by word or deed.
He's not a cosmic salesman who extracts a price.
His love is unconditional, as mine must be. He loves me.
That is all, no matter what I do.
And I, in turn, must do likewise, and love.
Not asking, or demanding, or expecting, simply loving.

Whatsoever I may learn to love I must learn to let go.
For only then will I be free.
Only when I am totally without possession which is
the opposite of love, am I free. When I need nothing I am rich.
"A man's wealth," says Thoreau, "is gauged by
what he doesn't need" not what he has.
The more I own the less I have.
The more I share the richer I become.
So I will spend each day in sharing.
Any resentment, and remorse, are like huge sandbags
that hold down my mind, my lighter than air balloon,
from flying to the highest planes, grounding my dreams.
So I'll release the sandbags, cut them free,
drop them away and soar higher and higher, lighter and lighter,
until, at last, I can behold the music of the spheres.
I am alone, without emotion, without need,
with only one companion, love, and we two form a multitude.

I assume full responsibility for me.
Each thing I do, I choose to do.
No one else can take the credit or the blame.
Each action that I undertake is my decision.
Every emotion that I show is mine, nobody else's. I alone decide. No
other soul, regardless of his attitude can cause me to do
If I behave a certain way, it is according to my own desire.
No one else can force behavior on me.

I assume full responsibility for me.
No longer are my parents burdened with my blame.
Whatever they have done, or still may do, I accept or not.
Influences that they had on me I recognize. Some I enjoy and
still use, some I perceive that I no longer need and so I cast aside.
They are not now responsible for every fact and fairy tale
they introduced to me. I must decide.
They are absolved of all of their misconcepts,
done most times under the name of love.
I too in guiding children may one day need absolution.
No matter how I program everything to meet their needs,
I may miss something. And one day they will say to me
"For all you've done and sought to do
I thank you and forgive you, for you've done your best."

I assume full responsibility for me. I do not blame society.
I see room for improvement, and do what I can to help effect a
However, if the change is not forthcoming at the rate I want it
to arrive, I will not give up or desist because society did not concede immediately.
Society's my progeny. I am not its child.
So I'll not fault the child.
There's never been a group in history
that could hold down man or woman on their way to progress.
True, a group may cause delays but it will never stop one with a purpose.
It is not society that causes me to lose faith in my purpose.

I assume full responsibility for me.
My friends are not in charge.
Regardless of the love I bear for them,
they can not cause me to do other than my heart dictates.
True friendship is built upon equality, sharing of bonds.
If I must do something to maintain friendship
I no longer have a friend, merely a salaried companion.

I assume full responsibility for me.
Circumstances never make the man,
they just reveal him to himself. They don't rule.
They're but a scape-goat, an immense recipient for all the blame

I want to pass to someone else.
Each circumstance is of my asking. If I believe otherwise
I'm powerless, caught in a web, performing endlessly
the same unaltered chore throughout eternity.
But I can change my circumstance, for I can change my mind.

I assume full responsibility for me. I'm not God's fault.
He doesn't suddenly decide "Aha! She will have pain,
or he will suffer." I am created in His image.
He'd not inflict great pain and suffering upon himself.
Furthermore, each time something goes awry
I'll not claim that it's God's fault. My work is mine.
I am aware there is no fault, no blame but only learning.
If I suffer, it is because I caused the suffering,
and I can change that any time, by learning from it.
If I am joyful it is because I caused the joy.
And I rejoice and I am grateful.
And then both of us can look upon our work
and both of us can say,
"It is good."

Each morning I awake and reaffirm my love.
For true love is the key that unlocks all life's mysteries.
The only road to happiness and joy starts with the first step,
It guides me through the day and lightens every task.
It illuminates the night,
sweetens my dreams
refreshes my deep sleep.
when I am lost it shows me the way.
When I am tired it transports me effortlessly.
when I am discouraged it unveils all kinds of secret passages.

Each morning I awake and reaffirm my love.
I love the spring for its rebirth.
I love the summer for its growth.
I love the autumn for its harvest.
I love the winter for its resurrecting rest before the spring.
I love the mountains for they teach me of endurance.
I love the seashore for it teaches me of constant change.
I love the dawn,
because its light shows me the difference in everything.
I love the dusk,
because its darkness shows me that all things are one.

Each day I reaffirm my love.
I treat each stranger as a friend, and they become my friends.
My friends become as members of my family.
I am surrounded by the people that I love.
Often they love me in return,
but if they don't I don't withhold my love.
Love can't be bought, it can only be shared.

Each night, as I retire, I reaffirm my love.
As I reflect, I see love as the flower of freedom.
God and nature's only sun (son).
It's recognizing genius in another,
seeing oneself within another.
The very essence of our being.
The strongest magic spell of all.
There is no problem, no matter how complex
love cannot solve.
There is no pain, no matter how severe
that love cannot put right.
There's no misunderstanding, no matter how diverse
that love cannot transcend.
There is no shame or guilt, no matter how deeply entrenched,
that love cannot erase.

Each night as I drift off to sleep I reaffirm my love.
And most of all I reaffirm my love for self.
For loving my own self I'm free to love another
and be worthy of their love in turn.
And in this way I start a flow of all-abiding love,
unconditional and indiscriminate.
And if I have no other staff in life, I have enough.
For only love can bind, embrace, and spread until, indeed
one day it will unite the world.

The Prayer
Dear Ever Loving Parent,        
        Teach me Your Love... though it take an eternity to grasp in it's fullness.

You ALL are Within the Infinitely Loving Embrace of our Universal Parent,

The Creator's Eternal Love, through me, to all of You,
Pastor Daniel

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