"A Gathering of Children"
(by: Pastor Daniel J. Megow © 2-11-2001)

1-1-03 Church Within's 2003 New Year's SOW Seeds Service - Story #221

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Greetings my Dearest Sisters and Brothers, and welcome again to Church Within's Story of the Week ["SOW Seeds”].

A Joyful, Spiritually Prosperous and Growth Filled New Year to you All!! Happy 2003!

At the End of Today's Story we've included the “Light and Life Garden Sanctuary” 2002 year in Review Progress Update.

This week's SOW Seeds Story, contributed by: Pastor Daniel

Story of the Week
“A Gathering of Children”
(by: Pastor Daniel J. Megow © 2-11-2001)

        One day, there was a Gathering of Children. There was something Quite Unique about this particular group of children... in fact, Everything about this assembly of Human Beings was Conspicuously Dissimilar. These Children, of both sexes, varied greatly in age (from 6 -100 years young). Every race and blend of races on this planet were represented at this Gathering. There was, among these multi-colored children of all ages and persuasions, Representation of Every Human System of Belief/Philosophy/Religion/Faith. This Conglomerate of Individuals was So Diverse that no two could be said to view any ordinary aspect of Human Life on this world in the same way... with the same inner understanding of Reality.

        Only Three things were Common to Every One of these people gathered here on this day. There were only Three things which Every One of them Shared. Each was Wholeheartedly Devoted to their own view of the world. Each believed, deep within their being, in a Higher, a Greater, a more Perfect Power/Energy/Being/Person/Cause/Source. And Thirdly, Each of them had been visited and brought here to this “Gathering of the Children” by a Radiant Being, Obviously not of this world. They had each been left at the doorway alone and told that the One whom they, and the world, had been Waiting for would be addressing them... would be giving to them the Message of the Ages / The Answer to the Biggest Question / The Truth. With the final words... “Now Enter the Doorway.”... the Entity that had brought them to this place, unceremoniously vanished leaving them all alone at the doorway to this Immense Structure.

        Alone... with the underlying human fear of the unknown, the un-tried, the un-experienced. Each had faced a doorway which beckoned to their very Soul, their Spirit, their Innermost Being. And Each had to pass the test of overcoming their own relative level of fear before they had opened the door and stepped inside.
        “Will my Whole Understanding of the World and of Reality be proved False... be Crushed... be Ripped Away from me? Could I Survive that?” “Will I have to Change my Beliefs about what is True, what is Real?” Will I have to Change Who I AM?”
        Each had had to face these penetrating questions. Each had had to humbly choose the Supreme Lure of Truth before entering.

        Each inside had entered through a different door, and the amount of Time that they each had spent alone at their doorway with their fears and their Faith varied Greatly from one to the other, and yet all had stepped into this Great Room at exactly the same moment. There was a specific place for each of them at the large circular grouping of tables in the center of the room in the very middle of which was a slightly raised circular platform. All were seated and there was not an extra chair in the room. Everyone knew they were here for a very Significant and Purposeful Reason, and None of them knew for Sure exactly what the Fullness of that Reason Was. Each thought they knew in their Heart what and Whom to Expect, and it is to be noted that None of them expected quite the same thing.

        In front of each of them were the instructions: Talk about what you Believe in and about what You believe to be True and about what you expect to happen here today. Conversations began around the table. In the few hours that immediately followed, there was little consensus to be reached. Some were willing to listen to what others believed and some were not. Some believed that everyone else in the room was completely wrong in their beliefs... and others believed that everyone else in the room was Partially right in their beliefs. The attitude in the room was just starting to reach an unbearable level of disagreement and dispute when they all at once heard the unmistakable opening of THE BIG DOOR.

        All were silent in anxious anticipation as the Person they had all been waiting for stepped into the room and moved purposefully to the very center of the raised stage. Not a single individual was disappointed by whom they now, at this very moment, beheld in front of them. Each of them Saw Exactly whom they Expected to see. Some saw their long awaited Jewish Messiah... some saw Jesus. Some saw Buddha... Others saw Mohamed. Some saw the Great Wise Chief... some the Nurturing Spirit of Mother. Some saw God... Allah... Jehovah... the Tao. There were those that saw a Being from Outer Space... some a Great White Light of Energy. Everyone looked Intently ahead at the very same being. While no two of them perceived exactly the same Person, they Each experienced in their Soul a certain inner knowingness of the Emanating Truth, Beauty, Goodness and Love.

        Each person in the room Knew Undeniably at the very same moment that they had the Full and Complete Personal attention of the “One” their Soul had Longed for. Each of them heard at the Very Same Moment the words:

        “You have Seen Me, You have Heard Me, You have Experienced Me, and You have Felt and Recognized My Presence. Now Go and Live Every Moment of the Rest of your Human Life Accordingly.
        “Prepare yourself for the day when I will again Return to you. Let those whom you meet and those whom I place in your Path KNOW that you have been With me by your Excitement for Life, by your Goodness, by your Overflowing Love.
        “Many there are on this world who do Not know Me or who fear to know Me. If only All could come to know Me in Their own unique way as well as You know Me in Yours, this world would soon begin to Transform and Evolve into the Beautiful expression of Paradise that was always and still Is it's True Destiny. Let then See how I effect Your Life so that they may be enticed to discover this Wonderful and Grace-filled way of living for Themselves. You need not Tell them how to go about finding Me; you need but, by your own Goodness and Love, Show them that YOU have Indeed found Me.
        “I Leave you now, but I will Return before long. Go now, Each of you, and Help in Your Own Special way to Prepare the Way for My Return. All will experience Me when next I Come. Help Everyone to be Ready by becoming Ready Yourself. I Love you, and I Believe in You. Until we Meet again...”

        ...and at once the Center of the room was again empty, and Each was left with his and her own thoughts. They silently looked around at one another... into one another's eyes and into their Souls... and in unison they each smiled knowingly.

        The very next breath that each of them took was in the very same place where each of them had started out... and Then the Questions. Had it Really Happened? Was I Really taken someplace? Was it Real?

        Some after a time didn't believe that it really could have happened. They went back to living their life just as they had before; in fear and uncertainty. But Many... Many Believed and their Lives were changed... and are this very moment Preparing the Way for the Return.

        [The preceding Story is Purely a work of Fiction]

...or Is it?

Have You heard the Words?

The Prayer
Dear God,        
        This year, may our world Continue in the discovery that You are our Infinite Parent and that we are All Brothers and Sisters equally Loved and Cherished by You.

Light And Life Sanctuary Update (2002 in Review)
Just like last year… I got far less accomplished than I had hoped, and Far more accomplished than I could possibly have Imagined. Actually, the only 2 things I can think of that I Didn't get done this year that I had wanted to, were the Front Deck and the new Metal Roof… well, and Firewood. They'll just have to wait 'till '03 I guess.


Here are the (somewhat in order) things that got done at The Light and Life Sanctuary this year:
“Thank You Again!”

[2002 - still winter]
After Months of space re-designing by Jill we Completely gutted and remodeled Kitchen/Dining/Common area---Including: electrical, lighting, plumbing, drywall, texture, paint, wallpaper, window, floor, and building and installing all new birch cabinets (Thanks to the Expertise, Tools, Shop and Unselfish Service of Friend and Brother Rick Giles). (this whole project wasn't completed until mid April.)

[Spring thaw]
With the Backhoe, I trenched 150ft. long X 4ft. deep (through mostly rock), and buried Water Line and electrical to the Upper Patio Area and the Faith Garden.

I moved, sifted rocks out of, and graded, about 30 yards of good soil for the lawn and Rose Garden area of the Upper Patio, then installed the treated 4X4s and frame lumber for the eventual surrounding fence.
I then finished widening the Driveway/Entry then graded it and spread and compacted 30+ yards of Road Base.
When that was finished, we laid Lawn Sod in the Patio area and created a log raised-bed flower garden.
As Spring warmed and dried a little, I began using our portable chainsaw mill to slice up some of our downed trees so that I could mill it into Blue Pine Fence Boards to go on the fence framing.
On Mother's Day Jill and I started the Patio Rose Garden with 4 new Rose bushes.
The rest of the Spring was spent in expanding the Raspberry beds by about 50%, planting Grapes and Kiwis, and finishing the pathways, terracing and stairs in the upper 2/3 of the Faith Garden.

We continued Terracing, routing drip lines for the Grapes and Kiwis and Lemon-Thyme, and building the walkways in the lower third of the Faith Garden during the month of June.
Harvesting Raspberries was a daily job during July which netted about 1-2lbs of fresh Raspberries per day. The Blueberries were starting to ripen and we got about a dozen or so Cherries form our first year Montmorency Cherry tree. The Italian Plum tree also started producing fruits in It's first year.
Outside of the Faith Garden, we began removing Pines and starting roads/pathways into what will eventually (hopefully next year), become the Second of the “Fruits of the Spirit Gardens.”
In July we also installed a new Doorway and mini-deck from the house out to the Patio/Jacuzzi area and installed the Fence Gates at both ends.
In August we found out we would be hosting the North Idaho Michael's Birthday Celebration Weekend this year, and with a lot of help from our friends we began clearing trees and downed slash and extending the roadways to make camping sites well into the future Second Garden area. After the Gathering, this work continued well into the Fall season.

I continued widening the upper Parking area into the hillside another 15-20 feet and extended the Driveway Entry about another 20X20ft with half of the dirt and rock from the widening of the Parking area. The other half of the dirt and rock was used to backfill and grade for an extension and leveling of the new South Yard of the upper property.

[Late Fall]
I had to go “Back to the Nets” as it were, and help a dear friend build Custom Cabinets in his cabinet shop while I waited for a professional Logger to come in and Log the rest of our property for us so we could afford to put a new roof on the Residence/Church Office.

The Logger is about 85% finished with logging the 5 acres for us. The Property is Really Opened Up now… The new Views are Incredible and access to new areas of the property---new walkways, new Gardens, new Meditation areas--- are becoming more and more apparent!

I can't WAIT 'till Springtime!!!!!

…end 2002.

…but Still… Only another Beginning…

You ALL are Within the Infinitely Loving Embrace of our Universal Parent,

The Creator's Eternal Love to all of You,
Pastor Daniel

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