A Page from the Book:"Discovering Alphaland"
(By: Rev Dc Michael Wheeler-Wyatt © mwyatt 2003)

1-22-02 Church Within SOW Seeds Service - Story #224

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Greetings my Dearest Sisters and Brothers, and welcome again to Church Within's Story of the Week ["SOW Seeds”].

This week's SOW Seeds Story, contributed by: Rev. Angus Bowen

Story of the Week
A Page from the Book: 'Discovering Alphaland'
(By: Rev Dc Michael Wheeler-Wyatt © mwyatt 2003)

         'A solitary small fish rolled over on to its back and floated on the surface of a Scottish Loch to feel the strong sun on its soft stomach. A swallow flew by at great speed. The fish noticed the bird and watched in amazement. He murmured to himself. 'So, after all, there really are living things up there. I always thought there might be. There have been shadows and indications, our more daring salmon and pike have hinted of something above us. But it is all imagination and fantasy. It is safer to believe in water, mud and sand.'
        Then as the swallow flitted by again, he asked, 'What are you? Have you fins?' The swallow answered briefly. 'We don't swim, we fly'. And then added in a kind voice, as if in response to an unspoken question. 'It's much the same thing really, only it's finer, carefree and happier. We have feathers such as you would not dream of, we soar above the earth and travel immense distances. Even the clever salmon don't know half that is to be known.'
        The fish was astonished and went silent for a while, but soon recovered his usual presence of mind, and began to answer without hesitation. 'This is most strange and extraordinary, none of us really truly believe in your existence. A few of us say they are able to fly, at least for a short time, and have told us of catching glimpses of other creatures during their flights, but of course they are not to be believed. They tell us that they are up there they can actually see ahead, so as to foretell the coming of those dark storms that causes us so much anguish and worry. But they are often wrong. We believe that flying ought to be suppressed. We will not allow ourselves to be deceived by something that is not real.'
        The swallow hovered for a moment on hearing this last confession, and said with a skyward glance. 'You would be much wiser if you were not deceived. But there may be more than one kind of deception. Are you on guard against self-deception? You actually know very little about the glories of existence and life.'
        'Do you know all there is to know?' Asked the fish trying to rear its head out of the water, and getting suffocated in the process. Is everything plain to you up there in your kingdom of the sky? Tell us what the world is really like.'
        'I cannot tell you.' The swallow answered. 'You would not understand. It is something like you world, only far more beautiful. You too, have beautiful things down there, if you look for them, or if you listen to the pike and salmon that have an understanding from what they have experienced and imagined. For they will tell you of bright stones, seaweed and shells, even your own scales are beautiful. But we find trees and flowers and fruits. We fly over glorious mountains and rejoice in the showers and sunshine, the rainbows and the dew. We build nests in barns and churches, we...'
        'I don't know what you are talking about,' interrupted the fish. 'What on earth are churches?'
        'Ah there you go beyond my knowledge,' said the swallow. There is much that even we do not know, we cannot tell why they were erected, they are similar to barns, but have more ledges and windows. They are somehow different and seem to represent a view of the universe that is even higher than our own.'
         'Well!' Said the fish to himself as the swallow flew away to join his friends flying high above the Loch. 'He can't tell us what his surroundings are like, and yet he speculates about regions still more incomprehensible. No! It is all too vague and indefinite. We did the right thing not to believe in anything beyond this secure world of ours. If I were to tell the others that the salmon and the pike were speaking some kind of truth, I would be laughed at. Better say nothing. And yet - well, even I remember in my infancy that I used to swim more freely… Oh well, those feelings and dreams have faded with age and the distractions of everyday living. I must be content with the light of the common day.'
        As he spoke to himself he floated down to the bed and settled once more into the safe mud. But his experience was never really lost or forgotten, he could not resist occasionally blurting out something of it, in spite of the contempt and scorn of his friends and colleagues. He felt happier and more fulfilled, though more conscious of his ignorance than before. He still wondered, however, why the bird could not more clearly enlighten him as to the nature of the world beyond'.

The Prayer
Dear God,        
This reminds me So much of humanity's perception of You and Your Words. It's a good thing You have Infinite Patience and Love for us… a Very Good Thing.

You ALL are Within the Infinitely Loving Embrace of our Universal Parent,

The Creator's Eternal Love to all of You,
Pastor Daniel

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