"The First Date"
(by: "Merium" - March 1997)

10-28-98 Story of the Week from Church Within #3
Greetings my Dearest Sisters and Brothers, and welcome to
This week's SOW #3, contributed by: Gerdean.

Story of the Week

"The First Date"
(by: "Merium" - March 1997)

I will bring to mind the example of a young man and a young woman who have had a first date. And look now at how it is that the aspect of literalness can interfere with the free flow of divine love and the overcontrol of the universe.

This young couple have had a pleasant encounter, an enjoyable evening.
They have much in common and they have appealed to each other in may ways.
They have similar values; they have stimulated each other's imaginations; and there seems to be, even, somewhat of a physical flowing attraction between them. Therefore, you would construe this as a charming evening and a beginning of a possible marriage of souls.

At the end, now, of the evening, as the young man sees the young woman to
the door, he gently kisses her on the cheek and she senses his spirit and
falls, on the spot, for his divine nature, and eagerly looks forward to
the destined union that surely must come from such a good time. And he
says, "I will call you," and he leaves and she now is athrill with the
possibilities. "He will call me. But WHEN will he call me? Will he call me Thursday? Will he call me tomorrow? I should have found out when he was going to call me!" And she begins to have anxiety about the literal aspect of his calling her, and she works herself into such a lather about not getting a fixed response, that she makes herself emotionally ill over the situation.

The young man, now, who has said, "I will call you," had every intention
of following through, for he enjoyed the young woman's company, but her
anxiety, now, that wafts to him regarding his presence in her life, begins to annoy him, for he feels controlled. She is too literal. If he were free to call her "soon" he would call her in the time that was right.

Perhaps he has a special plan. Perhaps there is a special film he would like to take her to. Perhaps he would like this next date to be meaningful in some way. And so he does not call her right away, waiting for this more meaningful and significant encounter.

As they have gone about their way, now, because of their interpretation --
she, feeling that he would have already called her if he meant it, begins
to decline in her affections for him; and he, in sensing her anxiety,
begins to realize that no event would please her. And so the partnership
is null and void before it has truly begun.

Now my purpose for relating this tale has to do with your literal aspects. The kingdom of heaven is real, but it may not be literal in the sense that you are accustomed to. The love between you and your siblings in the spirit is also real, but it may not be the literal manifestation of love that you are familiar with or that would make you secure.

I would thus ask you to hold in your heart the truth that indeed the
Father will call you. Soon. And not be impatient as to when. And say,
"Will You call me Thursday? Will You call me tomorrow?" and then despair
if He has not called you in your timeframe, to meet your needs and your

All things happen in God's time, and once your realize that, you can
lighten up on your peers if they do not respond to life in your time, as
you see it, according to your values and your tastes, and so do not allow
the budding romance of the love between you and your brothers and sisters
to decline in its potential because of your more literal minds.

the end

The Prayer
Dear Ever Loving Parent,        
        Today I do not pray for patience, for I Well remember Your answer to my previous requests to learn patience. Rather today, I pray for Your Loving aid in conquering my impatience in awaiting the outworking of Your Will for me. I know that Your time is the Best time... help me to remember that. Thanks!

You ALL are Within the Infinitely Loving Embrace of our Universal Parent,

The Creator's Infinite Love, through me, to all of You,
Pastor Daniel

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