"Was He An Angel?"
(By: Susan Roberts)

10-17-2004 Church Within SOW Seeds Service - Story #310

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Greetings my Dearest Sisters and Brothers, and welcome again to Church Within's Story of the Week ["SOW Seeds”].

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This week's SOW Seeds Story, contributed by: Patije

Story of the Week
“Was He An Angel?”
(By: Susan Roberts)

        I had driven from my home near Tallahassee Florida to the town we had recently moved from, Ocala. I had made my visits with friends, had spent the night and had started back home. As I was driving the long stretch of road that has very few houses for several mile, I spotted a man walking with a backpack.

        The sun was shining down and it was HOT HOT HOT!!! For some reason I got the urge to turn around and go give the man a drink. I had purchased a 6 pack of water, a 12 pack of lemonade and a 12 pack of Sprite. The drinks were sitting on the back floor of my car where is was cool.

        Now here I was, a woman alone, driving on a divided 4 lane highway, in the middle of nowhere and I get the sudden urge to turn my car around and go back a couple of miles to give a complete stranger a drink. Was I nuts!!?? Well, I guess I was because that is just what I did.

        I came to the first turn around and headed back south. Searching the road ahead, I saw him, still walking with that heavy backpack bobbing up and down with each step.

        I drove ahead of him and pulled over. He walked towards the car. I rolled the window down.
        "Excuse Me sir, but would you like something cold to drink?" I asked him.
        "Oh Yes PLEASE!" he replied, walking a little faster towards me.

        I reached over the back of the seat but couldn't reach the drinks. I opened the door and got out. Now this was a stupid thing to do! He could have hit me in the head and took my car and what little cash I had in my purse, but he stood back towards the trunk of the car.

        I took out a couple bottles of water, a lemonade and a sprite. They weren't as cold as I thought they would still be, and I told him I was so sorry, I thought they would have been much cooler.

        He smiled and said "Oh this is fine. I just finished my last water a couple of miles back and I was getting worried as I haven't seen any houses for awhile and didn't know how much further it would be where I could get some more."

        As I handed him the drinks I looked into the brightest, most sparkling blue eyes I have ever seen in my life! The smile he gave made his face light up! I almost felt as if I were looking into the eyes of Jesus!

        "Thank you and GOD bless you." he said as he slid all the drinks but one water into his backpack. He heaved the heavy pack onto his shoulders as if it were empty, lifted his hand in a salute and began walking away.

        "GOD bless you too, and keep you safe!" I called at the retreating back.

        He turned and smiled again.

        I climbed back into my car, passed him and headed for the turn around. As my car slid past him on the other side of the road, he waved again.

        The rest of my journey was a quiet, peaceful one. I did a lot of thinking as I drove. The quietness was almost a HOLY one. I felt blessed.

        Had I just served one of HIS angels? Had I looked at someone, saw a need and filled it? I feel I did.

        You never know where or when you may meet an Angel, even on a divided 4 lane highway!

Pastor's Quote of the Week (New)
We all long for heaven where God is, but we have it in our power to be in heaven with Him at this very moment. But being happy with Him now means:
Loving as He loves,
Helping as He helps,
Giving as He gives,
Serving as He serves,
Rescuing as He rescues,
Being with Him twenty-four hours a day,
Touching Him in even His distressing disguises.
(Mother Teresa)

The Prayer
Dear God,        
        Help me the better to See You within ALL of Your children!

You ALL are Within the Infinitely Loving Embrace of our Universal Parent,

The Creator's Eternal Love to all of You,
Pastor Daniel

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