"Heartlight Cafe"
(by: Gregory R. Armel)

11-18-98 Story of the Week from Church Within #6
Greetings my Dearest Sisters and Brothers, and welcome again to Church Within Story of the Week [S.O.W.]

This week's SOW #6, contributed by: Gregory R. Armel

I loved it Gregory! Thank you!

Story of the Week

"Heartlight Cafe"
(by: Gregory R. Armel)

The man sat alone at a little table for two in the coffee house known for its enlightening conversation and social atmosphere, head bent forward supported by hands clasped together upon which his forehead rested, looking down into his cup of coffee. A young man approached unseen and inquired as to whether the man might not care for some company over some conversation. Without looking up the man responded "Would you care to talk about God?" The young man eased into the chair opposite, setting down his coffee and said "My view is not often shared by others." "Then tell me about your view." said the man, raising his head and resting his chin upon his thumbs without moving his hands. He listened attentively while the young man explained his view and his reasons for approving of it so. "And what is your view?" asked the young man, sipping on his coffee. "I know God well." said the man, taking a sip of his coffee as well. "He knows what view is True in your Heart, and since the Love in your Heart is only True for what your Heart holds to be True, your view is His view for you. He accepts the Love of God in the Heart of Man, no matter the name invoked. He knows who He is. "Should two men engage in Jihad, each believing their view of God to be the view that God approves of, should God approve of Loving one over the other, no matter what the view is that either might approve of?" asked the man. "Should the Love of God in God's Heart be limited by the views approved of by man?" "So, is no view approved by man, God's view then?" returned the young man. "They all are, to some extent. Even the view of the atheist approves of some measure of Truth, and All Truth is God's Truth." was the answer. "But doesn't God want that all men should approve of the same view?" asked the young man. "Yes." answered the man. "Love, Truth, and Harmony. That is why He gave them different views when they were separated by geography, so that when they were no longer separated, they might come together sharing the Love of God, and thereby realize the Love and Truth in each and thus come to realize Peace and Harmony." "It doesn't seem to have worked too well!" retorted the young man. "It is working better all the time, and what choice is there? There is only One God, and why would He approve of any one segment of His Creation over another?" asked the man as he emptied his cup of coffee. "Most seem to think that He does though." responded the young man, emptying his coffee as well. "They don't think is their problem." answered the man. "They only assume." He stood with his hand outstretched, "Thank-you for listening to the musings of an old man." he said. "Thank-You for giving me some to think about." said the young man over the handshake. "Hopefully, I've merely opened your Heart, so that others might give you some to think about, for that is the way to know God. Through each and every Heart that you meet." tossed the man as he disappeared out the door. The young man turned and looked over the crowd in the coffee house. "Well, no time like the present." he mused silently as he stepped up over to a table for two occupied by only one. "Care for some company over some conversation." he asked.

The Prayer
Dear Ever Loving Parent,        
        Help us each to discover more and more of Your reality through Love and a better understanding of All of Your Children.

You ALL are Within the Infinitely Loving Embrace of our Universal Parent,

The Creator's Infinite Love, through me, to all of You,
Pastor Daniel

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