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This Weekly Service we call "SOW Seeds"

Once each week, we present a story. A story with some Spiritual "seeds" to SOW. Occasionally, there may be a duplicate story, but it is rare considering how many stories we have in our archives now. Where do we get these stories? From YOU. They may be Serious, Sad, Funny, Inspirational... the story will speak for itself. It can be a True story or a Fictional one... hopefully not Too long. ;-) It can be an Original Story, or if you wish, a story from a favorite book or from a friend. Each "SOW Seeds" will be given Full Credit to it's Author and Source (if at all possible), as well as to it's contributor. So when you send us a Story, PLEASE make sure it includes the "credits".

["Author Unknown" is acceptable only if the Author is TRULY unknown.]

BTW... If you have Friends or Family that enjoy reading a Good Story, be sure to tell them about our "Story of the Week". They Too can recieve this Weekly Service simply by sending an e-mail Request to:

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